Marc Lavoie Photography

With the equipment available nowadays, almost anybody can take good pictures. But being a photographer is about more than taking good pictures, it's about consistently delivering great images.
Great pictures, first require the right environment and conditions, the right tools and the right eye and vision to capture those great moments.

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I shoot all sorts of events, from fashion shows to sporting events to weddings and political rallies. Each event type brings its own set of challenges, but it's own opportunities and rewards as well.
Events require quick thinking and the ability to improvise and produce the best picture you can with what is there.


Studio or set photography requires planning, making sure all the elements and people are availabel at the right time, but there is always room for the impromptu.
I like to be involved in the entire process, working along with the team to create the best possible pictures.


Location photography covers a lot of ground, from family and group portraits, to real estate, to on location product shoots.
As in all the other cases, I like to work with my clients to make sure I understand their needs and produce the best possible product for them.